Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions about the free Body Shaper App. If you have any question not answered here, please contact us.

The Body Shaper App appears very simple. How accurate is it?

Results vary from guest to guest, and there are many contributing factors to weight loss, but the New Leaf Wellness Body Shaper app will give you a very close idea of the weight loss, stored body fat, water and waste weight you can lose at New Leaf Wellness Resort in Thailand.

How was the Body Shaper calculator formula written?

New Leaf started operations on Lamai beach as a detox, weight loss resort in 2006. Since then, we have collected weight loss, health and fitness information from thousands of guests worldwide. The guests' information contributed to the formula.

When I diet, I always put the weight back on. How is New Leaf different?

One of the biggest blocks to weight loss is the liver. A fatty liver can prevent and slow down fat loss considerably. At New Leaf Detox Wellness Resort, we focus on liver flushing and cleansing the liver to operate more efficiently. When you return home, your metabolic system will be performing the best it can be.

If I come to New Leaf Wellness Resort in Thailand, can you guarantee I will get the same results as the Body Shaper calculator?

Many guests achieve results more remarkable than the calculator. However, every person is different, and we all change daily. The accuracy of your disclosure and effort at the resort are vital to your outcome. We guarantee that you will get excellent weight loss, fitness and overall wellness results by sticking to our easy program.

Do all types of medications slow weight loss?

While vital for treatments, pharmaceutical medication can cause water retention and slow down our metabolic rate, responsible for calorie burn rate when resting. The amount and types of medication can affect how quickly and easily your body will burn stored body fat.

Do I need daily exercise to lose weight?

At New Leaf, we see many guests with the wrong nutrition to exercise ratio. If you understand how your body works and what nutrition is best for you, the exercise ratio should be 80/20—80% nutrition and 20% exercise to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit.

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